From our inception, Marc's Golf offered customers the promise of unusual dedication and commitment. It's a promise we've been pleased and proud to keep for more than 26 years.

Marc's Golf has been repairing and customizing clubs for touring professionals, PGA teaching professionals as well as countless number of avid golfers and has gained a reputation for quality and game improvement. No matter what your handicap, we can improve your game!

Marc's Golf specializes in club repair, club fitting, custom club making and shaft fitting. In addition to golf repair we offer club regripping and reshafting. We our the exclusive location in the Valley for club regrooving, club head refinishing, iron and putter bending.


Marc’s has been named the KZG 2010, 2013, 2015, Club Fitter of the Year!

Club Repair

If you have clubs that need repair, depend on Marc’s Golf Service to provide the right solution. You gain the advantage of our cumulative knowledge about what works (and what doesn’t), From our point of view, there are no  “simple” repairs. That’s because every repair involves thought and analysis.


 A New Spin on the Wedge 

Regroove your irons at Marc’s and you’ll have a whole new spin on your game. Marc’s Golf offers regrooving new or existing irons (especially wedges) that will increase the spin creating maximum bite when your ball hits the green. We can add up to 20% more spin to a new wedge, and turn worn wedges into serious top spinners.

Swing Analysis

At the core of our analysis of your swing is the Folcotron Golf Achiever Swing Analyzer. This enables us to know what makes your swing specifically yours through analysis of spin, launch angles, tempo and power transfer. The process is a highly interactive one. Take a look at the video showing the 7 steps to club fitting on the Quality Fit page.


Quality Fit, Precisely Made Clubs

Every custom made club at Marc's is built to the exact specifications for your game, and every club will be spine aligned and frequency matched adding club to club consistency to your game. The clubs we create for you are uniquely yours because they are matched to your swing.


Private Fittings

Bring in your own equipment and our fitting specialists will fit your clubs to your swing through computerized swing analysis. Marcs will adjust your club loft and lie, help you to identify any equipment discrepancies and seek to better understand why you hit certain clubs better than others. You may also test numerous shaft combinations and have a set of quality fit clubs made to precisely fit your exact specifications.