Custom Clubs

Every custom made club at Marc's is built to the exact specifications for your game, and every club will be spine aligned and frequency matched adding club to club consistency to your game. The clubs we create for you are uniquely yours because they are matched to your swing.

Marc's Golf  "7 Steps to a Professional Club Fitting" process ensures you are being fit to the best clubs for your game. 

The 7 Steps to a Professional Club Fitting
1.  Interview and performance profile

2.  Evaluate your equipment

3.  Static Measurements

4.  Ball launch analysis

5.  Equipment analysis

6.  Precisely Made

7.  Post fit check-up
The Art and Science of Fitting Clubs
At Marc’s Golf we combine art and science to help you excel. Today’s golf equipment is highly technology driven. An understanding of the technology and how to make it work for each golfer is an important part of the story. But it isn’t the whole story. The art of fitting clubs lies in knowing how to use the science of the swing to maximum advantage for each individual. It’s a knowledge that comes not just from numerical readouts but also from experience, listening and observing. You’re not just choosing golf clubs. You are choosing to maximize your performance and competitiveness.
The process begins in our 24’x60’ game improvement center. Here, you have the undivided and unlimited attention of an expert who begins by understanding your swing, because your swing is not anyone else’s. The clubs we create for you will be uniquely yours because they are matched to your swing. At the core of our analysis is the Folcoltron Golf Achiever Swing Analyzer. This enables us to know what makes your swing specifically yours through analysis of spin, launch angles, tempo, and power transfer. The process is a highly interactive one. It can’t be rushed, abbreviated or imitated because there simply is no substitute for what we do and how we do it. That is why the results are so exceptional.
Creating Clubs
Once all the data has been gathered, art and science are melded in the identification of the optimal head, shaft, and grip for each club. Each decision is reached by interpreting a huge volume of information, into the equation goes not just numerical information, but also our two decades of accumulated knowledge. You are commissioning the creation of a set of clubs that fit your swing.
Perfecting Putters
The putter is golf’s dominant club, accounting on average for 43% of the strokes in a person’s game. That means the putter offers the greatest opportunity for improvement. We will analyze your putter, putting technique and stroke mechanics. With the proper length, lie angle, and loft established, we understand how to optimize the many interacting factors. This allows us to customize clubs whose weight alignment significantly reduces wavering and wobble in the putting stroke.
The Goal is the Hole and a quality fit putter will provide a sure, steady path to that goal.