KZG is unquestionably the leader in custom golf equipment. Partnering with the top professional clubfitters in the world, KZG is able to offer golf equipment that simply cannot be beat.
High grade metals, expert craftsmanship, patented technologies and superior designs all cost money. KZG spares no expense and yet is able to offer demonstrably better performing equipment at prices comparable to off the rack prices because they advertise the old fashioned way, by word of mouth, rather than by buying the tour or buying a one hundred million dollar ad campaign.
KZG equipment is further enhanced through expert fitting and building of its clubs to suit the individual golfer. It is unanimous: custom fitted clubs are guaranteed to improve your game. KZG only sells its products through professional clubfitters that have the skill, integrity and passion to fit you properly.

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GF DEEP Driver
GF Technology for the Ulltimate in Costomization, Penetrating Ball Flight and Low Spin
460cc Head Size

With the largest clubface KZG has ever produced, the GF Deep maintains higher ball speeds over a wider area around the sweet spot. Its deep face design raises the center of gravity to neutralize launch conditions while producing low spin rates.
GF Technology for the Ulltimate in Costomization, Low CG High Launch and Maximum Forgiveness,
460cc Head Size

The GF-X Driver incorporates KZG's Gravitational Force technology, which features two strategically positioned weight ports and a selection of screws in seven different weights. The club’s all black finish creates a contrast to the golf ball which improves the player’s ability to square the clubface to the target.

The Ultimate in Customization, Classic Shape, Solid Feel, 425cc Head Size 

The GF 4 is the ultimate custom club for avid players. KZG’s GF 4 Driver is designed for low handicap players seeking a slightly smaller head size and optimal adjustment capabilities. It has four different weight portals and a selection of seven different removable weights. The performance is outstanding and yields a deep solid feel that better players prefer. 

The Ultimate in Customization, Classic Shape, Solid Feel, 460cc Head
The GF 460 is the ultimate custom club for players of all skill levels and is a KZG best-seller. It features a 460 cc head size and optimal weight adjustments for the ultimate custom fit. It has two different weight portals, each with seven different weight options. The performance is outstanding and it has a deep, solid feel that the traditionalist will love.
Titanium Cup Face Insert, Two Weight Ports, High MOI
The PTI (Performance through Innovation) is KZG's straightest hitting driver to date. It is designed for the mid-to-high handicap player and features two screw portals for the ultimate in customization.  The PTI has an extremely high MOI concealed in a traditional 460cc teardrop shape. It has an all 'midnight black' finish, which not only looks great but also inspires confidence at address.
Extremely High MOI, Straight and Solid, Very Forgiving
The ‘Q’ is the Quintessential Driver. Basic design rules dictate that form follows function and while others struggle with clunky square heads, KZG's team of engineers and designers were able to find the perfect embodiment of both a high MOI and a sleek aerodynamically designed head. Featuring one of the highest MOIs in golf at 5450 g.cm2, the Q ricochets the ball with a moderately high launch, penetrating the air like a bullet and maintaining stability and precision throughout the entire flight.
Large Offset Driver, Helps Alleviate a Slice, SP 700 Beta Ti Face
The SP OSX Driver is well suited for both the new golfer overcoming a slice and the experienced golfer that struggles off the tee. The large, camouflaged offset helps alleviate the common slice and common trap. Golfers of all skill levels will love the feel and performance of this easy to hit club. It is available in four lofts, including a XSL model (16 degrees).
Explosive Distance, Traditional Profile, Great Value, SP 700 Beta Ti Face
The SPX Driver is designed with universal appeal and produces outstanding performance at a great value. The traditional shaped 460cc head is both forgiving and long. All players will enjoy the solid dense sound, traditional profile and perfect balance between control and distance. If you are looking for a classic driver, look no further than the SPX.
XCB Iron
Oversized for Ease of Play, Outstanding Forgiveness, Feel of Forged

The XCB Irons feature a sleek, classic design. The cavity medallion is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also functional, as it provides additional vibration dampening for mishits.
HPS Iron
High Launch, Easy to Play, Cambered sole, Low CG Very Forgiveing

The HPS Irons are designed specifically for the mid-to-high handicap player. The low center of gravity and deep perimeter weighting will help players hit higher, straighter shots. Also, the wide, cambered sole and bevelled leading edge minimize the effect of "fat" shots.
Our Easiest Irons to Play, Wide Flange, Low CG, Very Forgiving
The HSS Irons are an integral part of the 'Hybrid Scoring Set,' which includes the HSS Plus Utility Clubs. The 'Hybrid Scoring Set,' allows clubfitters to build a full set utilizing a combination of utility clubs and hybrid irons for optimal performance. The HSS Plus and HSS Irons seamlessly complement each other with similar top lines and a steady progression.
Designed for Avid Players, Seamless Progression, Minimal Offset and Bounce
The Forged Tour Evolutions are the ideal blend of both workability and forgiveness. They are designed specifically for the avid player... up to a 7 handicap. We modified our number one selling forged iron set, the Evolution, by making the head smaller and minimizing the progressive offset. The sole was also thinned for more workability. Each iron head, from cavity back to blade, is 10% different from the adjoining iron to make a seamless progression for flawless play. The result is a competitive player's dream set of irons. Available in either satin or chrome and either “U” grooves (now sold out) or “V” grooves.

GFX Fairway wood
Maximum Distance, Excellent Forgiveness, Weigtht Port for Costomization

The perfect companion to the GF X or GF Deep Drivers. It features Gravitational Force (GF) Technology, allowing clubfitting professionals to fit each player’s desired ball flight, center of gravity, trajectory and swing weight.
VC-F Fairway wood
Compact Low Profile, Penetrating Ball Flight Low Spin

The VC-F Fairway Wood is the perfect companion to the VC-420 Driver - both designed for the better player. Featuring a compact clubhead design for enhanced ball flight control, the VC-F will appeal to the player who demands workability, low spin and a penetrating ball flight.
The Ultimate in Customization, GF Technology, Mid Profile Design
The GF 2 is the ultimate customizable fairway wood. It features Gravitational Force (GF) Technology, allowing clubfitting professionals to make up to 49 different weight combinations in order to fit each player’s desired ball flight, center of gravity, trajectory and swing weight.

Very Forgiving Easy to Hit, High Ball Flight, Progressive Offset

The H370 is designed for the mid-to-high handicap player and features a hot, maraging steel insert for maximum rebound energy and greater distance. The mid-size wood profile features roll and bulge, yet requires a .370 iron shaft for greater precision and control. The H370 is available in four different lofts, including a 30° model, to aid in customizing a perfect set.
Extremely Hot Cup Face, Designed for the Avid Player, Minimal Offset

The H370 Tour is designed for competitive players who want a hybrid that delivers maximum ball speed yet still offers workability. The cup face is made from an exclusive forged maraging alloy that was originally designed for military applications. This is without a doubt the hottest face of any brand of hybrid that we have ever tested.
Single Relieved Sole, Multi-forged and CNC Milled, Available in 3 Different Finishes
The Forged Sniper SRS has a sleek design and is CNC milled for precision accuracy. Rather than handicap specific, these wedges are “swing plane specific”. Players with shallow angles of attack will appreciate the easy playability and soft leading edge.
Single Relieved Sole, Exceptional Spin & Control, The "Feel of Forged"
The X95 Wedges were designed for the mid-to-high handicap player. The head is constructed from KZG's heat-treated proprietary steel alloy, which gives it a "feel of forged" at a much lower price than a true forging.


DS-2 Putter

The DS-2 is more of a throwback designed for the purist. Reminiscent of the 8802, this putter also has a milled face with a longer hosel for enhanced touch and feel on the greens. It comes with a ferrule, allowing customization options. It has no sight lines, but the head style is sharp and clean as to not distract the golfer. The backing of the putter has milled lines for added style. The sole of the putter isn't as cambered as the DS-1.


The DS-1 was designed by Bryan “Buddy” Beem who has been rated among the World’s Top 100 ClubFitters for 9 years in a row and has had over 30 years experience working with touring professionals, head pros, avid golfers, university teams and junior amateurs. Buddy owns Buddy Beem Custom Clubs near Denver, Colorado.