As we celebrate the relaunch and remastering of the iconic Speeder 757, we have taken a look back at where Fujikura has come from and where we are going. In 1995, when Speeder was first launched, it paved the way for a revolution in the golf shaft industry. Speeder was the first shaft to use premium advanced materials and initiated a new market in golf shafts.

Since that time, Fujikura, Speeder, and the shaft industry as a whole have experienced a massive boom in popularity as more and more players learn the value of a quality, high performance golf shaft. Playing better golf is not just about the player; it is also about the equipment and finding the best fit for you.It is this philosophy that has permeated through Fujikura over the last 18 years and is what sets us apart from every other shaft company.


New Motore Speeder

It is without a doubt the most iconic and sought after shaft brand in history. The Speeder has been named the “winningest shaft” and has never left the Tour since its debut in 1998. The new Motore Speeder 757, 661, 569 and 474 models were designed using Triax Core Technology, which is Triax three-directional woven graphite material on the inside layer of the shaft (vs. closer the core), enhancing its contribution to increased speed and stability.


Designed by Fujikura Engineers to maximize the energy transfer from the golfer to the club head at impact, this shaft will help you play like a PRO. Through the use of ENSO®, each shaft within this series offers something different depending on your swing type. The Pro 53, 63, and 73 are designed for the golfer looking for a mid-launch and low spin, and the Pro 73 Tour Spec is designed for the stronger swinger who can benefit from a mid to low launch and low spin.

Building off of Fujikura’s H.I.T. Technology, the PRO Series is built with Maximum Carbon Fiber Content material and Cage construction for stability throughout the swing to provide more accurate shots. Designed with a custom bending profile which creates a stiffened mid and tip section with more forgiveness in the handle section, this shaft produces a mid launch and low spin ball flight, allowing for greater distances.


FUEL can be defined as material with stored energy that can later be used to generate power. Just like a high performance engine that burns high-octane fuel for more horsepower and torque, your shaft can perform the same way – using advanced technology as its fuel. With FUEL, you can see where your energy is coming from through our proprietary FUEL ROD TECHNOLOGY, created with a COMBUSTION CHAMBER and LOAD INJECTOR TIP. FUEL uniquely utilizes this technology to generate greater distance and accuracy on a more consistent basis. With this shaft, your power is on display for everyone to see. Featured Product Technology.


EXS employs a more scientific approach to pairing you with your ideal shaft. Consisting of three unique shaft spectrums, EXS shafts can be matched to every swing type. Through the use of our proprietary FlexMap Technology, shafts are measured in multiple dimensions during pre and post-impact to ensure that the correct shaft is paired with the correct golfer. After all, your swing is as unique as your genetic code, and you deserve the shaft uniquely designed for it.