thanks a million for your help and shaft analysis. The numbers looked good on the simulator, but are even better on the course. Just played eight rounds down South, but I would say the Driver we selected is 20 yards longer than my other two, and with a better dispersion pattern as you said.

Love the tweeking of the irons, which are playing one club longer, and the PW worked on a 126 yard Par 3, in Phoenix. My first ace.

Thanks again & see you next year.

Bob S
Kamloops, BC
Mike, not sure if you remember me but I am that  crazy Canadian who purchased a set of Irons and a Driver from you back in early March. Well we are home now and the golf season starts tomorrow.
Just wanted to send an email to let you know that I am hitting those irons an extra 10 yards at least and the ball flies high and on a rope. The driver has given me an extra 10 - 20 yards and I am now drawing the ball a little which is great as I am getting a little roll. The other day Taylormade was having a demo day so I asked to be fitted and try the new Burner and R11. I hit about 20 balls and it is a nice club but then I brought out the KZG driver you made for me. My swing speed improved to 99 from say 93 with the R11. Needless to say the distance achieved with the KZG was at least 10 -20 farther. The Pro was amazed and he was most upset that I could adjust the screws on the back as he thought Taylormade had a patent on that.
A big Thanks and I am very glad our paths crossed. See you next Feb.
Gary Newell

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Sunday, August 17, 2014
I was out So Cal Palm desert and a 7 iron head flew off its shaft and I had too have it repaired. I was told to go to Marc's Golf  and they could repair. Well I'm glad I did I also had a few wedges regrooved and regriped. Thanks Jer   
  Bill Brown
Tuesday, December 13, 2011
I was referred to your business to check my irons for lie and loft.  During the process you put a KZG 7-iron in my hand, and after a few swings, I had to have it.
The KZG Hss irons you built for me are the smoothest set of irons I have experienced. I was  told  I could expect about 7-8 nore yards. I am getting at least 10 yards more with my short irons, but my 7, 6, and 5 are giving my more like 17- 20 more yards.  The accuracy is amazing, and my enjoyment of the game has increased also.  Played in a 2-day tournament on the weekend, collected on 2 skins and claimed second low net in my flight.
A great improvement for a 16 handicapper, and it is coming down.
Thanks Mike. 
Saturday, November 26, 2011
  RenĂ© Lavoie
Saturday, October 8, 2011
My name is René Lavoie. I am one of your happy customers. First, let me tell you how my wife and I are pleased with our clubs. To quote one of our friends: "If there is a problem, it is not the arrow it is the  Indian".Thanks and see you in January!(10/8/2011)